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Program Statistics

The Targeted Local Hire (“TLH”) Program creates alternative pathways into civil service careers and performs special outreach efforts to connect individuals from under-served communities to careers with the City of Los Angeles. The continued success of the TLH Program is possible thanks to the guidance, direction, and continued support from the TLH Working Group, which is comprised of the Coalition of LA City Unions, Mayor’s Office, relevant City Council Offices, Personnel Department, Economic and Workforce Development Department, City Administrative Officer, and Office of the Chief Legislative Officer.   

The following metrics provide information about success of the TLH Program, which would not be possible without the continued support of our partner community-based organizations (“CBOs”) that act as Referral Agencies, and the WorkSource Centers that act as Application Sites.  The metrics provide information about the applications that the TLH Program has received since its inception in February 2017, the number of applications that have been randomly selected for referral to City departments for hiring consideration, as well as the number of individuals that have been hired through the Program. It should be noted that the metrics may include a small number of duplicate applications that have not yet been resolved. Additionally, please note that individuals applying to the TLH Program may self-identify as part of multiple under-served communities.

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