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Bridge to Jobs Program Background

The Bridge to Jobs Program (“BRIDGE”) launched on February 14, 2020 and was created as a proactive response from the Personnel Department to the needs and requests of City Departments to add semi-skilled classifications to a program similar to the Targeted Local Hire (“TLH”) Program. Since the inception of the TLH Program, City departments have requested additional classifications be added to TLH; however, some of these classifications are semi-skilled requiring a higher level of competencies than those that TLH was intended for. In order to address these requests, the Personnel Department began developing BRIDGE to create alternative pathways into semi-skilled civil service classifications.

In order to develop BRIDGE, the Personnel Department met with a number of City departments, General Managers, and labor representatives in order to provide an overview of the proposed program framework, gauge their interest in the program, explore classifications being considered for the program, discuss any potential concerns or barriers to the program development and implementation, and incorporate any input they may have into the program framework.

As a result of these meetings and discussions, Personnel Department staff identified the semi-skilled civil service classifications that were most suitable for BRIDGE, and developed a framework that fit the requirements of each. Through this program, potential job candidates will be able to gain access to an alternate pathway to civil service jobs by way of on-the-job training periods in semi-skilled classifications.

The program provides an opportunity to those that face significant barriers to stable employment, and will further the City’s vision for identifying innovative ways to attract, develop, and sustain an equitable workforce.


BRIDGE Program Document