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Target Local Hire


What is the Targeted Local Hire Program?

The Targeted Local Hire Program (TLH) provides alternate job pathways into City civil service via full-time, paid, on-the-job training for entry-level City positions. TLH provides individuals an opportunity to be randomly selected for referral to City departments in order to participate in their hiring process and be considered for entry-level jobs. If hired as a City employee through the Program, candidates will have an initial 6 month on-the-job training period (full-time, paid, benefits), followed by a 6 month probationary period. Once the probationary period is successfully completed, the candidate is transitioned to full-time regular civil service employment.

While there are no minimum requirements, experience, or qualifications necessary to apply, candidates do need to have the basic fundamental skills required to be trained in and perform a full-time job. For more information on what fundamental skills are required to be successful in a given job in the Program, please see the Job Readiness Assessment Tool. TLH Program's Referral Agencies are available to assist you with getting to the level needed for each job.

Who is the Program for?

TARGETED POPULATIONS. Though anyone may apply, the Targeted Local Hire Program seeks to target and recruit individuals from the vulnerable and underserved populations below:

Targeted Populations

What Kind of Jobs are Available?

Targeted Local Hire Program candidates may choose to apply for Vocational Worker and/or Office Trainee pathways. As each of the positions in the TLH Program are entry-level, there are no minimum requirements to apply.

Initial hire is to a Vocational Worker or Office Trainee position, which offers:

  • Full-time employment
  • At least $17.00 an hour - see Info Sheets for more information (Office Trainee & Vocational Worker)
  • Benefits (health, retirement, and commute options)
  • On the job training & development

Applicants need:

  • Interest in one of the City career pathways below
  • To be deemed "job ready" by one of the TLH Program's Referral Agencies
    • In order to be deemed "job ready", you must have the basic fundamental skills required to perform and be trained in a given job.
    • For more information on what is needed to be successful in each job in the Program, please see the Job Readiness Assessment Tool.
    • If a Referral Agency finds that you are NOT "job ready", they will assist you in accessing resources and training to get you to the level needed.
  • Legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Additional requirements may apply

Available Job Pathways:

Career ladder for the Vocational Worker pathways


* Note: additional promotional opportunities may be available through other City civil service exams and career ladders, including lateral opportunities.


For more information regarding careers offered in the Targeted Local Hire Program, please see our TLH Career Ladder Poster

How Do I Apply?

All candidates for both the Targeted Local Hire Program and the Bridge to Jobs Program must participate in a job readiness assessment/screening and be deemed job ready by a Referral Agency. If deemed job ready, candidates will receive a signed Agency Referral Form. If deemed not job ready, candidates have two options: 1) Enroll with an Application Site to obtain additional supportive services in order to become job ready, or 2) Seek additional supportive services in order to become job ready.

After being deemed job ready and obtaining an appropriately signed Agency Referral Form, candidates must contact an Application Site to schedule an LA Local Hire Program Orientation & Application Session. During the session, approved candidates will receive an orientation to both programs and submit their online Program Application(s). Applicants without a valid Agency Referral Form or referral code (unique code assigned at the Application Sites) will be disqualified.

To schedule an appointment with a Referral Agency, click here to find the location nearest you.


For information on how to apply to the Targeted Local Hire Program and next steps, please see our Application Checklist

How Am I Selected for Hire?


APPLICATION POOL & RANDOM SELECTION. Once a program application has been approved, it is placed into the Applicant Pool. When vacancies are available, departments will request a list of candidates to consider for hire. Candidates in the Applicant Pool are then randomly selected* to be referred to the department for hiring consideration.

* The Application Pool is split into two Tiers. Tier 1 consists of those candidates who have identified as one or more of the above targeted categories; Tier 2 are candidates who do not identify or choose not to identify in any of the targeted categories. When a City department has an entry-level vacancy to fill, it may request a Referral List from either Program. Staff will filter the Application Pool based on the candidate's job preferences (as indicated on the Program Application). From the filtered list, candidates will be randomly selected. The Referral List provided to the department will consist of 80% Tier 1 applicants and 20% Tier 2 applicants. For example, a Referral List of ten (10) randomly selected candidates will have eight (8) - Tier 1 candidates and two (2) - Tier 2 candidates. The Referral List is then forwarded to the City department for hiring consideration. 

There is no guarantee of a referral or a job under these Programs. Staff is unable to indicate a timeframe for when an applicant would potentially be referred or even hired, as it is all based on available vacancies and random selection. All applications in the Pool will be valid for one year; approximately thirty days before the expiration date, candidates will be notified by e-mail of their renewal options.

For information on the City's current job opportunities:

Find the nearest Referral Agency or Application Site