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Targeted Local Hire Program Background

On December 8, 2015, the Coalition of City Unions (the “Coalition”) and the City of Los Angeles (the “City”) signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) wherein a mutual commitment was made to develop innovative workforce development strategies to meet the needs of City residents and stakeholders, strengthen delivery of City services, and provide career opportunities to local residents.

The LOA indicated that a Targeted Local Hire Working Group (“Working Group”) would be convened, to be comprised of an equal number of Coalition and City management representatives. The Working Group was led under the guidance of former City Councilmember Ms. Jackie Goldberg, with professional staff support provided by the Personnel Department.

The Working Group was tasked to design a functioning framework for a targeted local hire program. Initially, Working Group members considered similar programs which have existed in the City’s history, including Welfare to Work and City Jobs. Historically, these programs utilized the Vocational Worker and Office Trainee classifications, which were created by the Civil Service Commission as a result of labor negotiations and which were subsequently used by City departments with mutual consent between the City and labor. These classifications had proven to be an effective mechanism for departments to provide on-the-job training to individuals who lack technical skills and experience.

On April 29, 2016, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued Executive Directive No. 15, which again emphasized that the Program would focus on hiring and retaining local Angelenos from under-served communities. The Directive instructed all City departments to participate in this program.

As a result of numerous Working Group meetings and discussions, alternate job pathways were identified and the Targeted Local Hire Program (“Program”) was created and finalized. The Program Document, which outlines the framework for the Program, was adopted by the City Council on January 11, 2017.

Through this Program, potential job candidates will be able to gain access to an alternate pathway to civil service jobs by way of on-the-job training periods. The Program will provide opportunity to those that face significant barriers to stable employment, and will further the City’s vision for identifying innovative ways to attract, develop, and sustain an equitable workforce to attract, develop, and sustain an equitable workforce.

Upcoming Meetings

Please see the calendar below for upcoming meetings, if scheduled, of the Targeted Local Hire Working Group. The Working Group meets as necessary.

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Additional documents and resources pertaining to the governance and background for the Targeted Local Hire Program and Working Group.