Council Districts

Your council members are greatly interested in seeking to connect all Angelenos to employment opportunities, including those who may face barriers to employment. In this section, there are four (4) dashboards with highly interactive visuals. Click on the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard to navigate to each dashboard. The first three dashboards show information on applicants, referrals, and hires by council districts. The last show statistical information on specific targeted districts/zones, including Council District 8, LA Promise Zones, Slate Z, and South LA. Remember to click on the filter bar, change dates, select the dropdown, check the checkboxes, choose row titles, click on the bars, line points and pie pieces, or hover over the data points to view, narrow and zone in on the information.



  1. The following metrics show the TLH applications, referrals and hires based on zip codes provided by applicants on their TLH Application.
  2. Zip code by Council District is based on data compiled by the Office of the Mayor as of 09-21-2018 and updated by the Workforce Development Section as indicated by each Council District Office. Multiple Council Districts may exist in one zip code; for the numbers reported below, the entirety of the zip code is reported and may appear under multiple Council Districts.
  3. Individual applicants may receive multiple referrals; therefore, the number of referrals may be greater than the number of applicants.

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