APPLICATION POOL & RANDOM SELECTION. Once a Program Application has been approved, it is placed into the Application Pool. When vacancies are available, departments will request a list of candidates to consider for hire. Candidates in the Application Pool are then randomly selected* to be referred to the department for hiring consideration.

* The Application Pool is split into two Tiers. Tier 1 consists of those candidates who have identified as one or more of nine (9) targeted categories; Tier 2 are candidates who do not identify or choose not to identify in any of the targeted categories. When a City department has an entry-level vacancy to fill, it may request a Referral List from the Program. Staff will filter the Application Pool based on the candidate's job preferences (as indicated on the Program Application). From the filtered list, candidates will be randomly selected. The Referral List provided to the department will consist of 80% Tier 1 applicants and 20% Tier 2 applicants. For example, a Referral List of ten (10) randomly selected candidates will have eight (8) - Tier 1 candidates and two (2) - Tier 2 candidates. The Referral List is then forwarded to the City department for hiring consideration.

There is no guarantee of a referral or a job under this Program. Staff is unable to indicate a timeframe for when an applicant would potentially be referred or even hired, as it is all based on available vacancies and random selection. All applications in the Pool will be valid for one year; approximately thirty days before the expiration date, candidates will be notified by e-mail of their renewal options.

In this section, there are five (5) dashboards with highly interactive visuals below. Click on the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard to navigate to each dashboard. The first four dashboards show information on individuals that have been hired through the program. The last show statistical information on orientation attendance by the hires and their supervisors. Remember to click on the filter bar, change dates, select the dropdown, check the checkboxes, choose row titles, click on the bars, line points and pie pieces, or hover over the data points to view, narrow and zone in on the information.



The number of hires includes those individuals who were hired and subsequently promoted, resigned, or terminated.

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