Applications & Requisitions

In order to apply to the Targeted Local Hire Program, all candidates must participate in a job readiness assessment/screening and be deemed job ready by a Referral Agency. If deemed job ready, candidates will receive a signed Agency Referral Form.

After obtaining an appropriately signed Agency Referral Form, candidates must contact an Application Site to schedule an LA Local Hire Program Orientation & Application Session. During the session, approved candidates will receive an orientation to both programs and submit their online Program Application(s). Applicants without a valid Agency Referral Form or referral code (unique code assigned at the Application Sites) will be disqualified.

For information on how to apply to the Targeted Local Hire Program and next steps, please see our Application Checklist

In this section, there are four (4) dashboards with highly interactive visuals. Click on the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard to navigate to each dashboard. The first two dashboards show applicant information by the application sites/referral agency. The third shows all applicant information, and the fourth shows requisition information by department. Requisitions are requests made from departments for a list of eligible candidates to fill their vacancies for a position. Remember to click on the filter bar, change dates, select the dropdown, check the checkboxes, choose row titles, click on the bars, line points and pie pieces, or hover over the data points to view, narrow and zone in on the information.



  1. The following metrics show the number of applications that the TLH Program has received since its inception in February 2017. Although individuals may only have one active application in the TLH Candidate Pool, it is possible that individuals may have submitted multiple applications that have been accepted and processed over time as a result of expirations or separation from the Program (e.g., an individual who was hired, may have subsequently resigned and reapplied to the Program).
  2. The number of referrals includes candidates who may have been referred more than once. For example, if one (1) applicant was randomly selected for two different referrals, this would count as two (2) "Referrals Made".

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